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OCI aims to be the competent authority for Osteopathy in Ireland.  OCI wishes to protect Osteopathy by adhering to the highest clinical and professional European and International standards until full regulation is in place. Do you want to be a member?

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History of the OCI

Until 2008 two professional associations performed the duty of representing Osteopathy in Ireland; the Irish Osteopathic Association, and the Association of Osteopaths in Ireland. In September 2008, the two associations agreed to merge to form the Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI). The OCI has been incorporated and fully operational since January 2009.

The formation of the OCI was an important step in creating a united voice to represent osteopaths, the patient, and osteopathy itself in Ireland.

OCI Today

The OCI aims to be the competent authority for Osteopathy in Ireland.

The OCI has a strict membership policy that includes agreeing to abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that is aligned with other European Regulatory bodies for Osteopathy. As part of the membership criteria all members commit to Continuous Professional Development in order to maintain the highest standards.

The OCI currently has over 110 members nationally.